Folding Tripod Easels
Tripod Folding Easel Greco Easel Illustration
Made from hard wood.
These easels fold up for easy transportaion. Great for exhibitions.
250cm Easel! 250cm Tripod Easel! Click To Enlarge
Also available is this 2.5 meter tall Tripod easel for extremely large paintings and panels!
from 14.99exc.VAT
Dimensions (cm)
Easel A B C D
Tripod 50 56.5 4 66 24
Tripod 160 105 6 155 60
Tripod 250 180 6 - 60
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IE-TRI50F Tripod Folding Easel, 50cm £14.99 Buy Now! on ArteStuff
IE-TRI160F Tripod Folding Easel, 160cm £99.99 Buy Now! on ArteStuff
IE-TRI250F Tripod Folding Easel, 250cm £129.99 Buy Now! on ArteStuff